Verified Partners

UPI’s Vetted Partnerships Strengthen Our Commitment To Serving Arizona And Beyond

Look for the Badge!

Our verified Partners represent their commitment to UPI Education by displaying our badge on their sites and communications. UPI has formed 16 uniquely Verifiable Partnerships under the UPI umbrella. We offer a range of 15 different Educational programs and/or products to serve your needs. Let us know which interest you most:

  1. Life Skills Solutions(TM) Training
  2. Summer Leadership Camp
  3. Elite Summer Leadership Camp
  4. Seminars for parents, teachers, and school superintendents/board members
  5. Community Relations, Law & Order Div.
  6. Computer Skills Summer Camp
  7. Personal Development Motivational Speakers
  8. W. Clement Stone Workshops
  9. Corporate Leadership Training
  10. Films, Videos, Documentaries
  11. Guest Teachers
  12. Professional Women’s Development
  13. Entrepreneurial Social Media Business Development
  14. Organizational Management and Strategic Planning
  15. STEAM Training Seminars/Camps
Hollis Collaborative
The Marie Warner Family Affair Project
Hustle PHX
Peer Solutions
Savvy Pen Consultants
Life Velocity Academy
Thompson-Hill Associates
Tomorrow’s Leaders
Your Path Your Destiny