Starts at the pre-elementary and elementary school levels

UPI Education, Testimonial Yale University 2004

Over the past thirty-five years, I have spoken often of the need for a plan like UPI Education; the need for something to complement our traditional curriculum and instruction focus. Your insight, thoughtful organization, concepts, and the elements of your curriculum, coupled with the team concept, which combines the efforts of businesses, governments, educational bodies, and organizations, is masterful.

James P. Comer, M.D.
Yale University

Students who took the course had a lot of success

UPI Education, Wilbur L Cross High School - Letter of Support

The life skills that were taught like conflict resolution, balancing a check book and career goals were tailored perfectly for freshmen. There were students who were showing up to the class who didn’t belong there. They heard about the program and wanted to be a part of it.

Robert J. Canelli
Wilbur L. Cross High School

Supported academics while building the student’s character

UPI Education, Larry Conaway Letter 2005

Professional, pleasant and did very well implementing teh UPI curriculum. They enjoyed the students’ reciprocated enthusiasm. The program was able to support academic while building the students’ character and forcing them to apply and develop thinking skills.

Larry D. Conaway - Assistant Principal
Wilbur L. Cross High School

Bringing more success to participating students and schools

UPI Education, Rosa DeLauro House of Representatives Letter of Support

The outcomes you have reported demonstrate tremendous growth among UPI program participants, including higher grades, better attendance and, in many instances, academic honors and perfect attendance. These results are proof that the UPI pogram can benefit students in our public schools.

Rosa L. DeLauro, Member of Congress
United States House of Representatives

Help students gain valuable knowledge

UPI Education, Testimonial, Robert Canelli Letter

I support the implementation of their life-skills class at Wilbur Cross this fall. I believe the UPI program will help students gain valuable knowledge and abilities to improve academically and socially as teenagers.

Robert J. Canelli (Principal)
Wilbur L. Cross High School

Help them succeed in the mainstream.

UPI Education, New Haven Public Schools 2004 Letter

The goals of the program complement our fundamental belief in New Haven, that a quality education involves more than preparing student to take standardized tests. Students who do not receive ‘parental home training’… will have a more difficult time succeeding in school.

Dr. Reginald Mayo
New Haven Public Schools

Valuable service, attributes that bode well for life’s challenges

UPI Education, New Haven Public Schools - 2007 Letter of Support

The UPI curriculum will help our students develop greater self-esteem, appreciate family and become productive, contributing members of school and community life. The UPI program provides a valuable service and as previous data indicates enables students to improve grades, attendance, and discipline…

Dr. Reginald Mayo
New Haven Public Schools

Become better citizens, develop proper attitudes and understand life issues.

UPI Education, Lonnie Garris Letter James Hillhouse High School

This program is extremely necessary for a segment of our population and good for all students. Students who experience this curriculum will become better citizens, develop proper attitudes and understand life issues.

Lonnie Garris Jr. (Principal)
James Hillhouse High School

Good for all students, develops the whole child.

UPI Education, Dr. Reginald May, Superintendent - Letter of Support

The data indicated that the students in UPI program performed significantly better than their non participation counter parts. Participants in UPI program has a 23% improvement in attendance, an 85.7% improvement in personal development and life skills and a gradual improvement in grade point average, going from good to great.

Lonnie Garris, Jr. (Principal)
James Hillhouse High School

Dedication to the young people was apparent

I was asked to speak briefly to honor students in the Hillhouse-Wilbur Cross UPI program. I did so and was impressed with what I observed that evening. The UPI teachers all have stellar reputations in New Haven. Their dedication to the young people was apparent.

Dr. Burt Saxon, Ed. D.
James Hillhouse High School, CT.

Need for UPI’s life skills training has never been greater…

UPI Education, Fred Stickney Letter of Support

The recent and very unfortunate killing of that 16 year old student in Chicago makes one wonder what our school system and communities are doing to curb such violence; which is indicative of a lack of life skills for life.

Fred Stickney

Enhance youth’s understanding of the journey of life

FirstPic Letter to UPI Education 2010

We feel that the UPI Education life skills program could effectively compliment those said goals and objectives represented by several of our prominent clients, including local Boys & Girls Clubs, $H centers, National Police Athletic Leagues and the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation affiliates.

Mark Piccinilli - President
FirstPic Consulting Inc.